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A Fuggin Interview!

A Fuggin Interview!

A Fuggin Interview

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got yourself into vaping/e-liquid manufacturing business.

Fuggin Vapors’s story starts a little over 6 years ago in Miami Beach, we were opening a small brick & mortar vape shop, and a week before our grand opening, the fire marshal deemed our building not up to code. So, we did what anyone would do who had a whole Fuggin garage filled with Fuggin flavoring,nicotine and PG/VG. We started a Fuggin website called

How/Where did you come up with the name FUGGIN Vapor?!?

You don’t even wanna Fuggin know…

What is the inspiration to your branding? Your packaging and brand itself come off as very bold & colorful. Why is this?

Our branding is bold, loud, and colorful to reflect our ejuice. Fuggin Vapor e-liquid isn’t just another bland boring e-liquid brand. We brought together one of the best mixologists in the vape game with dozens of years of culinary and vape experience; and some of the most talented graphic designers you can find on the east coast.

Following the last question, Little Vape shop Horrors. Were you a big fan of Little Shop of Horrors and Semor or how did you come up with that name?

We used the Little Vape Shop of Horrors line not only to pay homage to some of our favorite classic horror movies, but also

to bring some spooky spirit to our loyal customer base during the holiday season.

“we understand how subjective taste can be”

Tell us about how you came across selling big & inexpensive, yet high end bottles of e-liquid and anything else you want our customers to know?

We bring you the best value for high end e-liquid because we believe it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get you off cigarettes. We were one of the pioneers of bringing affordable, high-quality vape juice to your doorstep all around the world

So some of your e-liquid names have some very interesting names to them. How do you go about naming these eliquids?

We have been very strategic in our branding to make sure our bottles separate ourselves from the rest of the game. We put a lot of time into curating the perfect flavor in our eliquid, so we make sure we put the same effort into being creative with our names and branding!

“We’ve never been more Fuggin excited.”

Out of all your many flavors which is your favorite, and would recommend? Maybe a top 5 of your favorite flavors?

Here at Fuggin Vapor, we understand how subjective taste can be so we have perfected all different profiles so every vapor can find their favorite Fuggin juice in our Fuggin catalog. As someone who loves fruits and menthols, my personal favorite is Blackberry Candy in our brand new Miami Ice line. Blackberry Ice is a remake of one of our original 26 flavors called BJ. We added our brand new Miami Ice additive to it to give it an Icy cool finish. If you’re more of a dessert vaper, I would recommend Cheeberry, also one of our original classics from the Fuggin Vapor line, it’s a smooth NY cheesecake with a fresh sweet strawberry syrup. If you’re more into

breakfast vapes, Blue Waffle from our Le Petit Belge line will always wake you up with a smile, a warm fluffy Belgian waffle, with a smooth ripe blueberry syrup. And you can never go wrong with our best sellers, Silence of the Clouds from the Little Vape Shop of Horrors line, or Tropical from our Oh My Gush line.

Your now officially In Stock at Midwest Goods after a long time of being on our dropship program. How excited are you guys and how do you feel about this new opportunity?

We’ve never been more Fuggin excited. Great to see our progression from a few guys in a garage with a dream, to having state of the art facility and, the biggest distributors in the game investing in our product.

“Our CBD was curated by users, for users”

We also see you are now selling your Fuggin CBD. Tell us about how Fuggin got into CBD and why?

We got into the CBD game very early. One of my employees, Daniel, had early onset childhood epilepsy. When the agriculture act of 2014 passed, and CBD got legalized, we bridged the gap between CBD and our Fuggin Vapor and created FugginHemp. We wanted to offer all the benefits of CBD, and make it into an e-liquid without all the “grassy, earthy” flavors that most CBD e-liquids have. Our CBD was curated by users, for users, for a CBD you can really enjoy! “Our CBD was curated by users, for users”.

Are you planning on expanding the brand in any other ways?

Fuggin Vapor Co. is constantly expanding in growing, not only in notoriety, but the products and services we offer. We’re constantly in the know of what’s new and hot in this industry. So we can keep pumping out new vape and CBD products that the consumers are demanding. And we’re taking all these products to the biggest Fuggin trade shows on every corner of the world, so everyone can try what we’ve got cooking here in sunny Fuggin Miami!

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