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A Pod Story

A Pod Story

A Pod Story. Quitting the Habit with Ali Midwest Goods Hardware Merchandising Executive.

I would like to share a little bit of my background and my time with a cigarette habit. I was a heavy smoker. At its worst, I would smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I could not even open my eyes in the morning until I’d smoke a cigarette, and the same went for before bed. The smell was constantly on my clothes and skin. I was trying to quit smoking, and I understood the risk I was taking, but I felt that I could never quit this habit. Luckily, I found myself here at Midwest Goods in the heart of the industry and when I heard that people quit smoking by vaping I was ecstatic.

The first ever device I bought for this purpose was a pod system. I had the Product Development & Marketing teams here at Midwest help me understand more about the hardware and also to help decide what type of ejuice I should buy. As a soon to be ex-smoker we decided it would be best to start with a high nicotine salt e-liquid and work my way down slowly to 0mg in the future.

I still remember that first JUUL puff I took with a perfect throat hit and smooth airflow. For me, this immediately began to satisfy my craving and I began to use it whenever I was at work, in my office, in my car, INSIDE my home. One of the biggest realizations and an unforeseen positive was that I do not have to step outside of my home or workplace to find a satisfying puff.

During the peak of my cigarette habit I was below 120 lbs, and now I am up to a healthy 160 lbs in just one year. The difference in the way food tastes and smells is extraordinary I could taste and smell flavors I never knew I was missing. The basic difference that I observed between smoking and vaping is; when you light up a cigarette it burns and gives off carbon, tar, & more which goes inside your lungs and slows down oxygen passing to your bloodstream. When compared to vaping ejuice that is made up of VG & PG vaping gives you the nicotine concentration your body wants, amazing flavors, and fresh breath. The benefits have been immensely beneficial for my day to day well being.

There is no doubt that pod systems and salt nic like JUUL are bringing a massive boom to our industry with huge advancements in technology. Straying away from intimidating box mods, clunky tanks, and maintenance while catering to the beginning users like myself it was easy to see how these became so popular. Everybody went crazy for the JUUL. The biggest success factor relied on the ease of use like the pre-filled pods.

Once people like myself are introduced to vaping with such an easy to use device I felt my next step into the world of vaping would come from my purchase of a refillable pod system. The Suorin Drop gave me the freedom to choose my own kind of e-juice flavor and nicotine strength. I was able to begin using lower nicotine levels and really experiment with what flavors I liked best.

I was enjoying the Drop and my new found hobby of vaping when a trend caught my attention. SMOK started releasing different coils for their pod systems the Novo, Nord, and Mico. These coils open up more options and different ways to vape. Now I have the ability to vape sub-Ohm and get big clouds from a device that fits in the palm of my hand. These Mesh and Ceramic coils in my brand new Nord was the next step for me. I do enjoy the regular coils that SMOK has released, but the intense flavor from the Mesh coils was hard to ignore! The Ceramic coils seem to last me for ages before there is anything close to a burnt taste.

The innovations are constantly moving forward and with the rise in popularity of CBD, manufacturers are now starting to use pods that can handle both e-liquid and CBD. Like the Vaporesso Renova Zero which contains a cartridge with a ceramic coil so that it can be utilized with both e-juice and CBD oil. CBD battery manufacturers (Small stick like batteries designed for CE3 tanks) are now on top of making compact pocket-friendly devices like Airis, Lokee, Leaf Buddy and more. These device manufacturers are no strangers to variable voltage devices which allows the user to adjust the power level to their liking.

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