ejuice magazine march 2023 ecigarette vape

Place an Ad on E Juice Magazine
Offline Marketing Opportunity
Today’s market place commands that businesses market online and offline. E Juice magazine is an avenue for businesses to market their vape products offline.

Targeted B2B Vape Shop Audience
Reaching your target audience – The offline magazine will be created and mailed out to over 29,000 vape shops across the U.S. and placed in our orders on a monthly basis.

Affordable Marketing Option
A very affordable option, The cost of postage makes it a great value and gives you modest marketing costs for the amount exposure your brand will get. The digital copies will also be placed on the website and links will be given out in our e-news blasts to all of our shops…

More Chance your Ad will be Seen
Because Midwest Goods is a Trusted Distributor in the industry your Ad will have a better chance of being seen. Let’s face it, much of the media sent by mail is disposed as junk mail, but since we have already made a name for ourselves there is less risk the media will end up in the trash.

Promotional Material can be Included
We will be adding promotions throughout the magazine, and  you have the opportunity to add coupons or promotions for your products. As a result,  the readers will be sure to read through each and every entire issue!

Questions? Please contact:
or call (630)912-2673