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Tell our readers about your company.

Sinbad is a vision, a statement and a dream being realized all in one, it was created with a thought to set a new bar in the vaping industry, to brake the shackles of normality and be different…from the way we dress to the décor of each store and of course the exceptional customer service in mind.

Why did you call your company Sinbad Vapors?

Sinbad is a fictional character from the Middle East that sailed the seven seas and took adventure to a whole new level, he is fearless, adventurous, and above all a risk taker. He was more than a sailor, he was an adventurer who never gave up and always took an obstacle and used his skills to conquer it. That is why we chose to use Sinbad as our logo with his mischievous grin. The owner (MJ) drew the logo himself when he was in collage several years ago, now it came to life in a form of Sinbad vapors. The story of Sinbad embodies how we does things. We are always looking for the next best thing, for ways to improve, and for our next adventure. We are setting sail into a new era right now and we could not be more excited for what is to come.

Tell us about your typical day in the vape business?

Every morning our team greets each other and pumps themselves up for the day, preparing for an amazing day. They all arrive early to prepare the stores and stock shelves. The power of a positive mental attitude is our greatest strength. As we help each customer and cater to their needs, we can help people kick the habit of smoking, which is the ultimate goal of vaping.

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You own 9 vape shops was this why you decided to create your own e-liquids?

There are so many brands with great flavors, but we thought we could break the barrier of what the typical flavors are. We felt the market needed something new and refreshing to liven up our taste buds. We need to keep things interesting and keep people intrigued for what we can offer. We’d have to say 5 liquid lines will keep people interested in a while.

Can you tell us more about the Seven Seas and Legacy lines?

The Seven Seas was bold statement caters to those that seeks perfection in everything in life, for those who looks for the different. Exotic, sophisticated with a pleasant complicity that make you wonder and challenge your taste buds…We were told we were crazy for putting fruity pebbles and honey nut cheerios together and yet that is now our top flavor. The Legacy line was designed for all day vaping. A fan club was created over the flavors and are our top premium liquid line both in store and with online orders.

What is the story behind your new like called Code?

The Sinbad Code line was created as our code of conduct and what we stand for, and from what you can see on each bottle a letter that reads “SINBAD”…those virtues are imbedded in our DNA as a company and what keeps us motivated and to push ourselves out of the comfort zone to be better for our vaping community…it’s a code we live by, literally.

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Are you introducing any new products soon?

Here at Sinbad vapors there is always something new and exciting, we are working on several liquid lines that will be announce strategically throughout the year and hold the same quality and uniqueness that you expect from Sinbad.

You attend many vape conventions and events, do you have any funny stories about your travels?

During our trip to Atlanta we came with our first big set up and all of our flavors. It was a truly humbling experience. The funniest part was day 2 of the event when we had a line at the booth trying to find out if we were the booth with the Arabian coffee (Arabian Sea: Seven Seas) as they had heard so much about it. We even had someone beg to buy the partially used sample bottle we had used to fill tanks for two days. The reactions were truly astonishing as people went down the line and were amazed by all flavors.

What are the main lessons you’ve learned in life from the vape business?

Every business has it’s ups and downs, and a major lesson we have learned from this industry is that the determination to continue every day, the bravery to say no to giving up, and the ambition to make things happen against all odds is what breeds a good business. You are not successful because you never failed, you are successful because you failed, but you never gave up.

What is your greatest hope for the future of Sinbad Vapors?

We want to put some amazing things on the agenda for Sinbad Vapors, but we want Sinbad Vapors to be as well known as an Apple logo, or the Walmart logo. We do this, not for the money, but for what we are able to do for the people and the Legacy we will be leaving behind and as MJ always say, “There are no such things called big dreams, there is only small dreamers”.

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