Vaping is no longer shrouded in mystery and misinformation, and has been proven to be an effective alternative to traditional cigarettes. With thousands of ejuices to choose from, it is also a tasty way to wean off the nicotine and form a bond with millions of others around the world. Many high profile names have taken it up and they often come from a variety of entertainment fields and industries with stars such as Katherine Heigl, Samuel L. Jackson and even Johnny Depp are blowing clouds.

My Mod Will Go On…..

Leonardo DiCaprio has gotten in on the vaping action and has been spotted blowing smoke with a mod and tank. The Titanic star is not shy with his gear and even pulled it out during the Academy Awards show for his turn in The Revenant. Since then, inquiring minds have wondered if the star goes for high or low juice, what kind of set-up he prefers and if he builds his own mods. From all sources, it appears that his favorite gear includes the Innokin Itaste SVD 2.0.

Ain’t Nothin’ But a G Thang….    

The Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg has been heavily advocating vaping. He’s been seen all over giving advice to newbies and seasoned vapers about set-ups, products and ejuices. Though he’s never been one to deny himself a good smoke every now and again, vapers all over are excited to see the Doggfather embracing the vaping lifestyle. He was recently spotted with the Grenco Science G Pro Vaporizer.  

No Time  for Peach Schnapps….

Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has been spotted more than once perusing vape shops. He’s been seen grabbing vape supplies and materials and fans all over have been asking about his preferences. Much like his character Daryl (who told Beth he wasn’t about THAT life), he apparently has no time for peach schnapps and loves to smoke Suicide Bunny’s “Mother’s Milk” brand.

Blowing O’s Court Side…..

Just coming off her hugely successful turn in Suicide Squad, Valerian and Paper Towns, this high profile actress has been seen with the likes of heavy hitters all over, and even was spotted at a sports game alongside Michelle Rodriguez snapping pics, chatting, having fun and–smoking an e-cig! This vapers has been spotted in many different places enjoying blowing a cloud or two and though many sources can’t identify the brand she uses, it looks like she is using the Rokin Nitro Pen Vaporizer.

The celebrities highlighted above are only a small slice of the burgeoning celeb vape community. Other celebrities who vape include Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jack Nicholson,  singers Bruno Mars and Katy Perry, actress Katherine Heigl and Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Even singer Rihanna and The Weekend are getting in on the vaporwave. According to sources, Lady Gaga has even been seen blowing a bit of ejuice smoke, and rapper Asher Roth has gotten on board with his PAX vaporizer.

Vaping has proven that its here to stay. There are more products and items to choose from than ever before, and if you want to check out some of the products mentioned in this article, visit and get your order in today!