charlie's chalk dust

Charlies Chalk Dust

"I was determined to create flavors I could vape all day"

Simply put, Charlie’s Chalk Dust creates the finest vapor liquids crafted to perfection. Charlie’s was founded in Southern California by two brothers from Ohio. “I would try all these great vape flavors, but by noon I was smoking a f*#%ing Newport again. I was determined to create flavors I could vape all day,” says one of the founders.

He created Peanut Butter & Jesus, quit smoking, a local shop called asking where they could get some and Charlie’s was born. The former brash backyard company has exploded onto the international scene. They continue to rack up Best Brand and Best Flavor awards at events around the world. The Charlie’s Family has grown to include the acclaimed Pachamama, Mr. Meringue, Campfire and Bake Sale lines. Charlie’s is a leading advocate for the vape industry, working closely with legislators in Sacramento and D.C. to insure that the industry is around for years to come.

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