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Cloud Chasers EJuice Magazine Feature

Cloud Chasers EJuice Magazine Feature

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EJuice Magazine Feature "Cloud Chasers"

Let The Games Begin!

With the 2018 Winter Olympics upon us, athletes from all over the world come together in the spirit of competition with the goal to bring home golds medals. These athletes train their whole lives for the opportunity to carry their respective nations on their backs. With the pressure of competition comes fame and notoriety. These dedicated athletes often find themselves in advertisements for some of the biggest companies in the world. With a worldwide audience the advertising potential is enormous – after all who has not seen a famous gold medalist on a box a Wheaties cereal?

The Limelight

Like the Olympics, the world of vape offers itself up to competition pitting major and minor companies against one another. Individual competitors and teams will come dressed in their sponsors and favorite vape gear to compete for the judges approval in various competitions in hopes of bringing home cash prizes, and the reputation of knowing that their brand is the best. Competitions are shown at conventions, stores, and all over the internet. With endless combinations of vape gear competitors find themselves practicing builds, e-liquids, and tricks for months prior to competing.

Stacking Up The Competition

Vape competitions mostly have 2 different main events in which teams or individuals can sign up for which are best trick and biggest cloud. Both are intense duels between individuals which require skill, technique, and practice to win. The best trick competition shows the true dedication, passion, and technical acuity these contenders have. Manipulating vape clouds through the air and bending them to their will is the bottom line. Almost anyone can sit in front of YouTube for an afternoon and learn to blow an O or French Inhale, but these vapeletes have proven that tricking goes far beyond just that. Prime examples of some awesome competition winning smoke tricks can be found on Instagram and YouTube. Typically the next event is biggest cloud. This event requires contestants to use every bit of lung capacity they have in order to produce the biggest cloud. While this contest does not showcase control and precision like the prior event it does showcase raw lung power, and the best hardware/e-liquid combination. A panel of judges then determines the winner which can be based on the cheers made from the crowd for the biggest and boldest clouds.

Consumer To Customer

The venues allowing competitions vary from full blown convention centers to tiny shop fronts. At a larger convention it is safe to expect the biggest brands in the industry vying for every customer in sight. Physical booth space is limited, but the potential is great, it is here where you can make an impression on vapers of any level novice to pro. If you are a vendor and planning on renting a booth at one of these conventions be ready for any type of vaper. Having a vape guru on hand at your booth is great for showcasing new product and teaching novice to expert vapers a thing or two. Displaying the new top products while also being able to influence new vapers into upgrading can turn your interested consumer into a loyal customer.

Vape Competitions

An exciting way to bring people together with the spirit of sport. They give vape supply manufacturers and vendors an avenue to share their goods or represent their brand within the vape community. Whether a participant or competitor, being a part of this community is exciting!

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