Golden Coast Lemon Bar E-liquid 120ml by Lemon Twist


It isn’t our ability to stay on top that allows our success, it is our ability to adapt that give us an advantage. In an ever changing market segment, it is crucial to be able to move like water. Find the cracks and slip into the next trend, be open minded, even when it’s uncomfortable and believe in your mission and team enough to take the risks and go for broke. Success means change, and the journey to the top is the best part of the story. By constantly changing and adapting. We get to experience the thrill over and over and have a reason to get out of bed each and every morning. We love the adrenaline rush. We have shoved our heels deep down into the California soil and are not going anywhere. While many companies decided to leave Southern California behind, we decided to purchase a 27,000 sq. ft. facility and make it a staple of manufacturing and distribution in the industry for years to come.

We never let too many cooks in the kitchen. We let our master chef, arguably one of the best in the industry, do his work and have each member of his handpicked team add their garnish to the top. It keeps our juices fresh, and doesn’t allow for boring or stagnant creations. We keep our team tight. With over millions of bottles sold, we maintain consistency.

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Fryd E-liquid Brewed And Bottle in California