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Daddy’s Vapor Distro Interview

Daddy’s Vapor Distro Interview

Daddy's Vapor Distro Interview

Was there anything that you and your team thought you wanted to do before creating Daddy's Vapor?

What our team pursued before Daddy’s Vapor is what made Daddy’s a possibility. From the creative arts in music, television and radio; to corporate marketing, creative writing, journalism and dotcom, our team is a force to be reckoned with. We have sales executives that would make Wall Street cry, and the creative force nothing short of a cryogenically frozen picasso brain. Our marketing team hails from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and our writers have bachelors and masters in journalism and public speaking.

From a corporate structure stand-point we bring DOTCOM executives and CFO type minds to the conference table, and our CEO has owned successful businesses in over 7 different markets. He saw e-liquid before it emerged, and helped pave the way for both smoke shops and vape shops to coexist in harmony.

Enough of that though, we also know how to throw one heck of a party; you might even get an invite to our company mixer (hint hint).

Daddy's Vapor - Twist Takeover

Who has inspired you in your path to success in the E-liquid industry and why?

One of the most respected yet unseen influencers in our industry, our CEO, Ed. He has an impeccable business sense and ability to follow through, all while remaining humble and instilling a sense of worth in our purpose. He has stuck to his dream and we have all climbed on board, turning our mission into a lifestyle and influencing other industry innovators with his simple mission statement along the way.

Do you have any funny stories to tell about your journey?

First one that comes to mind was at the Dallas Showcase this past November. Despite our best efforts, the taste station we had shipped from our associates in London had one small glitch. When we went to power the device it instead created a small explosion rendering itself useless for the rest of the show. Didn’t laugh in the moment, but certainly had to chuckle once the dust settled.

Daddy's Vapor Distro Interview

With so much competition now, how do you stay on top?

It isn’t our ability to stay on top that allows our success, it is our ability to adapt that give us an advantage. In an ever changing market segment, it is crucial to be able to move like water. Find the cracks and slip into the next trend, be open minded, even when it’s uncomfortable and believe in your mission and team enough to take the risks and go for broke. Success means change, and the journey to the top is the best part of the story. By constantly changing and adapting. We get to experience the thrill over and over and have a reason to get out of bed each and every morning. We love the adrenaline rush. We have shoved our heels deep down into the California soil and are not going anywhere. While many companies decided to leave Southern California behind, we decided to purchase a 27,000 sq. ft. facility and make it a staple of manufacturing and distribution in the industry for years to come.

How do you ensure product consistency? Do you have a "farm to table" mindset?

We never let too many cooks in the kitchen. We let our master chef, arguably one of the best in the industry, do his work and have each member of his handpicked team add their garnish to the top. It keeps our juices fresh, and doesn’t allow for boring or stagnant creations. We keep our team tight. With over millions of bottles sold, we maintain consistency.

Daddy's Vapor Distro Interview

What do you appreciate most in your company?

Purpose. We want people and passion that will not be stopped. We want original thinkers, free thinkers, that don’t conform to the generally accepted and will forever push the boundaries of what is called “normal”. We want a team so driven to become a household name that it keeps them up at night. We are certain of our team, and even more certain that there names will be around as some of the original members of one the biggest emerging industries of our millennium. We have the seasoned professionals, the dream driven millennials and the superstars that are just waiting for their shot at the stage. We pride ourselves in being distinct, the trend setting outsiders.

Daddy's Vapor Distro Interview

Which of your juices could your team never go without?

Our lemon bar is the culmination of our most creative efforts, a vape to stand both the test of time and the evolution of the market. There is no extract quite like it. Literally. This industry has not seen this extract, it’s an exclusively manufactured, FDA approved lemon with no description except delicious, use your imagination, grab a bottle, and escape to your happy place. It took us four years and countless man hours, but our vision of a dessert vape has finally been fulfilled; and we can’t live without it.

Daddy's Vapor Distro Interview

What is Daddy's Vapor known for?

In a single word. Relatability. Our ability to foster relationships and maintain a connection with our network of business innovators. We strive to think of our customers needs and what products will allow them to best serve our greatest moving force, the consumer. We aren’t about selling our partners today, we are about growing a relationship that will last for the next decade and beyond.

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