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DIY Vape With Midwest Goods & EJuice Magazine

DIY Vape With Midwest Goods & EJuice Magazine

D.I.Y. Vape An EJuice Magazine Feature

The vape industry is ever changing and evolving. Companies are focused on helping people save money and making things a lot easier for the vape community. With new technology comes even greater accessories, DIY tool kits perfect for building coils, pre measured bottles to create the perfect salt nic, and extract kits designed for creating your own tinctures.

The Vaper's Toolbox

Buying pre made coils have been the go to solution for many vapers, but some dedicated vapers still build their own coils. Twisting and wrapping wires requires a certain tool set and Coil Master has made it easier by putting them all in one master kit. All sizes and types of screwdrivers needed, scissors, pliers, wire cutters, and even cotton to get your whole build up and running. This kit caters for a wide range of builders from beginning to advanced.

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Pinch Of Salt

With all the flavors of e-liquid available, everyone has bound to have become attached to a favorite. But what happens when you want to start vaping a pod system and that flavor is not available in nic salt? We can now create our own nic salts by mixing 0mg e-liquid into a pre-measured mixing bottle that contains just the right amount of nic salt. This is so convenient it is going to catch on fast. Everyone can now enjoy their favorite flavor and it’s so easy to do!

Herbal Brews

When things just couldn’t get any easier I was amazed by one of the newest additions at our warehouse
that just arrived. Imagine being able to make your own tinctures from an herb of your choosing. This kit
allows you to take your herbs and extract the essence and start vaping it fast! One kit even includes the
vape pen.

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