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Dr. Shugar Chitz Kj Labs

Not Long ago a Wily Genius Named Dr. ShugarChitz, whole tirelessly working away for Kj Laboratories came up with a brilliant Idea for ridding the world of cigarettes once and for all! Dr. ShugarChitz gathered all the cigarettes he could find and crushed them in his magic flip phone . A White cloud emerged and Dr. ShugarChitz called this “Vape”.  Excited for his new discovery, Dr. ShugarChitz ground up a unicorn and poured its rainbow blood into the “Vape”. Dr. ShugarChitz then added this serum to his favorite fruits! The Serum exploded and out from the clouds came:

The Razz!, the creamy poop of a mystical raspberry, Totally clean, totally cool, and soft-served straight from a berry’s sweet rear!

And the HoneyDooDoo, the Magical Puke of a Mystical HoneyDew Monster, Smooth, Creamy & Overwhelmingly Fruity, with a refreshing flavor that is impossible to Put down…

B’RAZZ an all Day Blue Raspberry that will blow your F#cking Mind!

Jealous of his brother’s delicious experiments Dr. Frost Chitz kidnapped the fruit monsters and froze them in cool and refreshing Ice Creating …. The RAZZ! CHILLED and B’RAZZ CHILLED, the same abnormally tasty vapes with a Menthol boost that will kick you in the back of your skull. Seriously, try to put it down, you can’t do it!

the brazz dr shugar chitz eliquid kj labs