DREAM E-liquid

At DREAM  E-liquid we are  all about the science of vape e-liquid “Passion and commitment meet science and e-liquid flavor” is our philosophy and that is the DREAM approach to THR (Tobacco Harm Reduction). Way back in 2013 we found an ecig market that was abundant with imported eliquid from very questionable sources, we founded DREAM E-liquid to make a difference.

Dr. Faeez Mahzamani (Fez) our Vice President of Science & Research, set a goal of finding the correct balance between flavor and quality ingredients. With over 500 formulas tested DREAM offers the perfect taste of premium vape in a bottle, Fez our in house Organic Chemist spent over 12 months formulating and blind taste testing the DREAM eliquid finally choosing the best scoring formulas. DREAM offers two full ranges of 50VG and 70VG flavors with nicotine strengths ranging up to 18mg in the 50vg line. All of our liquids have TPN# and are 3rd party lab tested, to insure that they are AP and diacetyl free.

DREAM is committed to bringing you the highest quality vape without the unnecessary chemicals as part of our commitment to our clients, our industry, our employees and ourselves.


The DREAM flavors:

DREAM #01 Contemporary Tobacco Blend -Tobacco 50VG
DREAM #02 Vintage Tobacco Blend -Tobacco 50VG
DREAM #03 Menthol Blast -menthol with a touch of tobacco 50VG
DREAM #04 Autumn Peel  -apple, citrus, orange 50VG
DREAM #05 Royal Splash -pineapple, watermelon 50VG
DREAM #06 Sugar Blush  -grape, watermelon 50VG
DREAM #07 Rustic Summer -pineapple, strawberry 50VG
DREAM #08 Six AM -rich coffee vanilla finish 50VG
DREAM #09 Paramour -cream and raspberry baked good 70VG
DREAM #10 French Sunrise -French toast maple syrup with tart fruit 70VG
DREAM #11 Dulce Dream  -White chocolate mixed with caramel and hazelnuts  70VG
DREAM #12 Crimson Cake -A rich vanilla cake center covered in a red raspberry buttercream, with a hint of bourbon. 70VG
DREAM #13 Island Muffin -banana bread with nuts 70VG
DREAM #14 Toasted Manhattan -Chocolate martini with a mint finish 70VG