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The Creators Of Candy King Eliquid

Established in Southern California, DRIP MORE a premium e-liquid manufacturer dedicated on providing top-of-the-shelf flavor profiles at incredible price. The collection includes Candy King eJuice, Cookie King eJuice, and many more!

Candy King:
Pink Squares – Your favorite pink chewy candy with a delicious blast of sweet strawberry goodness.
Peachy Rings – A mouth-watering take on delicious gummy peach candy coated with a crystallized sugar.
Lemon Drops – A delicious rendition of your favorite hard lemon candy with a perfect balance of sweet and tart.
Batch – A spot on rendition of an assortment of sweet and sour gummy candies that keep you on your toes.
Belts Strawberry – Your favorite sweet and sour strawberry chewy candy coated with crystallized sugar.
Sour Worms – Your favorite assortment of sweet and sour gummy candies packed with lip-smacking deliciousness.
Strawberry Watermelon – A juicy watermelon bubblegum candy infused in the center with gooey, sweet strawberry.
Swedish – Your favorite flavorful chewy gummy candy packed with a sweet juicy blast of berry.

Cookie King Series:
Choco Cream – Your favorite chocolate cookie sandwich treat infused with sweet, creamy vanilla filling.
DVNK – A graham cookie dessert snack covered in sweet hardened vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkle.
Lemon Wafer – A dessert snack favorite in a bag of crunchy lemon wafers with sweet vanilla undertone.

Ice Series:
Batch Ice, Belts Strawberry Ice, Sour Worms Ice, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, and Swedish Ice

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