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E-Generation E Liquids

 "Bringing you the highest quality in vaping experience, 4 years of hard-work has proved that we deliver what we promise." ~Vape Soundly~

Los Angeles, California is home to a large diversity of creative personalities, talented dreamers and an enormous variety of innovative industries that have one common goal in mind: creating the number one brand in the world.

We, at E-Generation follow this ideal, taking in everything that this opportunistic city has to offer. This inspires us into creating products that have positive effects on people’s lives.

We manufacture unparalleled products: delicious and of stupendous quality, hand selecting and testing all of our products to ensure the highest standards for all our customers. Our wide selection has been highly regarded and is sure to leave you craving for more. We work as a team here to fulfill all the needs of our clients.

There we were, in our confined warehouse; mixing, bottling, shrink-wrapping, packaging, and displaying our products out on the shelves of our nearby showroom back in late 2012. You can probably imagine the chaos of packing small to large orders in that limited amount of space, but we never allowed that to slow us down. During this time, we weren’t absolutely certain of where the industry would take us, rather if it would take off at all in the first place.

Even then, throughout the uncertainty, we were receiving an overwhelming volume of positive reactions towards our products. That alone was our drive to keep moving forward. It may sound cheesy, but without the enthusiasm of our customers, we wouldn’t have been able to excel as much as we have so far in this business.

Within the time span of four years, a lot has changed and evolved, and as you can imagine, many aspects of both the industry and our company continue to do so. From a small warehouse in the outskirts of Vernon, we quickly moved on to a larger warehouse in Downtown, Los Angeles since it eventually became a size of space we rapidly outgrew. After relocating to our current building, we’ve come to showcase our newer and larger clean room that was built during the transition of the tedious, yet critical move.