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Safe Travels With Your Vape

Safe Travels With Your Vape


Safe Travels With Your Vape

Are you planning a trip this year? This article will help outline some useful tips about flying with your vape supplies. Every year millions of vaping Americans take to the skies to reach their business & vacation destinations, hopefully this article will help clear the air and ease your travel woes. According to the travel guidelines it seems best practice is to keep your vape supplies in your carry-on luggage. Due to various fire hazards, liquids, & issues with pressurizing & depressurizing overall it is much easier & safer for your gear to find a spot in your carry-on luggage. Remember that the most up to date flying rules and regulations can be found on

Carry-on Batteries are permitted in your carry-on luggage, also including internal battery devices, but batteries are considered a fire hazard. Which means that if a fire does occur it is a lot easier to be put out in the cabin, as opposed to in the luggage compartment.
Checked Batteries are not recommended to put in checked baggage due to the potential fire hazard. Until just recently several types of batteries were allowed in checked baggage, but now the TSA does not allow any.

Carry-on 100ml or smaller sized containers that fit in 1 quart-sized, resealable bag may go in carry-on and through security. Glass bottles filled with e-liquid are not reccomended.
Checked Containers that are larger than 100ml regardless of amount inside must be in checked baggage. While e-liquids are allowed in checked baggage glass bottles are not recommended. Due to luggage shifting and changes in pressure it is always a possibility for your glass to arrive broken.

Carry-on While vape mods & devices are allowed in carry-on baggage they are certainly not allowed to be used or charged during your flight. Most airports have a designated smoking area where vaping is allowed.
Checked Box mods & internal battery devices are not recommended for checked in baggage, as even without batteries, the changes in pressure & the way luggage is handled can result in your mod arriving damaged.

Carry-on It is highly recommended to keep any tanks, RDAs, & atomizers in your carry-on and it is especially important to have them empty. The changes in pressure will cause leakage and end up with your liquid in your pocket or carry-on.
Checked It is not recommended to keep tanks, RDAs, & atomizers in checked baggage. Glass tanks and sensitive posts on tanks have potential to be damaged due to rough baggage handling & changes in pressure.

Carry-on Chargers are allowed in carry-on luggage if the batteries are not inside the charger itself. Using a charger on any flight is certainly not recommended, as it creates a fire hazard.
Checked It is not recommended to keep your charger in checked baggage, as the potential for damaging small delicate parts is too high.

Remember that the most up to date flying rules and regulations can be found on

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