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Foodgod Takes On Vape!

Foodgod Takes On Vape!

Who is Foodgod?

Foodgod is an expert when it comes to everything delicious. He has explored the world in search of the most delicious tastes. From sharing meals with the Kardashians to introducing exotic dishes to millions of people, Foodgod is a true master of food and flavor. He is said to have a “golden palate” because of his ability to find the best dishes on earth. The dining deity is now applying his expertise to a new industry—and the results are absolutely mouth-watering. 

Foodgod vision 

Celebrity expert on everything delicious, Foodgod, is one of the visionaries spearheading the 0 nicotine electronic cigarette trend. He has traveled the globe in search of rare, heavenly tastes and infused them in convenient no-nicotine disposable vapes. Foodgod ZERO captures the most exclusive and delicious flavors in a one-use vaping device that is completely free of nicotine! 

Foodgod explains his mission: “I have selected my favorite foods and captured them in a 0% nicotine disposable vape. It’s another powerful way for the senses to experience great flavors. I wanted to create a treat for the palate to experience something unique and scrumptious without the addictive chemicals.” 

Brand Mission 

Foodgod has taken a very hands-on approach with in-store marketing and regional visits. He is dedicated to helping his partners share these products with the world. It’s hard to find unique e-cigarettes that surprise and delight vape users. Foodgod ZERO was created to be tastier than the rest with unparalleled e-juice options. It’s also a great way for vape industry businesses to differentiate from the competition by genuinely supporting vape customers in quitting or reducing nicotine. It takes a very special product to help people overcome addictive chemicals. Foodgod vape was built to fire on all cylinders—better taste, device quality, airflow, and reliability. That’s why Foodgod e-cigs were carefully built to deliver a superior vaping experience with unmatched flavors. Foodgod’s lifetime dedication to palate-pleasing discoveries is now available in a non-nicotine delivery system. 

Why 0 Nicotine Disposable Vapes?

0 nicotine disposable vapes provide consumers with the perfect bridge to reduce or eliminate addictive chemicals. These zero nicotine products mirror the experience of vaping without causing dependency or physical addiction. With an increase in search volume and demand for nicotine-free electronic cigarettes, it’s clear that vape users are becoming more health conscious. The industry is crying out for something new. In fact, google trends have shown a steady increase in interest in disposables without nicotine. Additionally, young adults are adopting healthier lifestyles at a much more rapid rate. This comes with the increasing prevalence of yoga, new scientific research, holistic nutrition, and an expanding focus on overall well-being. The health-conscious trend opens up opportunities to satisfy a new culture of consumers—People who want to enjoy satisfying flavors without the negative effects of nicotine or other substances on the body. The older generation will also find greater value from Foodgod’s superior flavors and no-nicotine mission–giving them a fresh and delicious way to kick the nic habit. Finally, 0 nicotine is a great bridge to reducing nicotine intake. Even if someone wants to continue using nicotine, they can still lower the amount with Foodgod’s satisfying selection. 

Highest Quality Vaping Devices

To do these unrivaled e-juice flavors justice, the Foodgod development team infused them into the highest quality e-cigarette devices that provide ideal airflow and no defects! With 2400 puffs and some of the most sought-after tastes from across the globe, Foodgod Zero vapes are becoming a bestseller for vaporizer businesses. These vaping systems contain 0 nicotine, which can help people reduce or quit the addictive chemicals. The most exotic and special flavors are now pocket-friendly and affordable! In addition to taste and smell, food presentation is also an important part of the culinary experience. Taking this into account, Foodgod developed stylish electronic cigarette devices and packaging, so it’s as visually appealing as it is tasteful.

Device Details:

Size: 8ml to ensure a long-lasting vaping experience until the very last drop of e-juice Nicotine Strength: 0% (0 Nicotine) with no addiction or dependence-causing chemicals. Simply a tasty zero nicotine vapor experience. 

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh power ensures the battery doesn’t run out before the e-liquid

Puff Count: 2400+ Puffs ensure vape users won’t have to constantly run back and forth to the store 

Flavors: 21 flavors are available and more coming soon! Foodgod will continue to introduce new exotic tastes in single-use vapes 

Weight: 45 grams – Sturdy and super portable. Pocket-friendly and easy to carry 

Draw-Activated Vapor Delivery:  Simply inhale from the mouthpiece for immediate vapor delivery. No need to refill or recharge. It’s ready to use immediately after opening the package 

The New Taste of Vape – Available in a Gourmet Disposable 

Foodgod’s unique flavor selection offers 21 exciting options that will entice vapers. Some of these include Banana Azul, Coffee Affogato, Pink Pineapple, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, and other exotic options. Foodgod is constantly adding to his menu of unique flavors, so stay tuned for the latest and greatest pre-filled vape releases. Here are some flavor highlights with one-of-a-kind heavenly flavors that are only offered by Foodgod! over 21 flavors in all.  

Millionaire Watermelon 

One of the most sought-after fruits on the planet, the rare Mil Watermelon is seedless and extra sweet. You can now enjoy this unrivaled watermelon taste in a satisfying disposable vape. Foodgod has captured the essence of Mil Watermelon in a 0 nicotine product that hits like a cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. Sit back and enjoy the sweetness without any addictive chemicals. Feel like a million bucks with Millionaire Watermelon vaporizer flavor. From Foodgod.

Chilly Mango 

From West Coast to East Coast – Experience a spicy and invigorating chilly kick, with a flavorful mango twist. Foodgod brings the West Coast vibe Coast to Coast with this chillin’ 0 nic vape. So, you too can DO THE CHILLY MANGO – for the flavor of “kickin’ it” throughout the day. Get the chilly mango spice sensation anytime.

Peach Bellini

The Foodgod first enjoyed a Peach Bellini in beautiful Venice, where the cocktail was originally created. This delightful combo of peach and Prosecco is a Mediterranean favorite and a tasty reminder of Italy. Foodgod analyzed this incredibly refreshing beverage and had it reformulated as a satisfyingly smooth vape. Enjoy this journey of the senses with our smooth Peach Bellini – a true Venetian treat..  

Chocolate Covered Wild Strawberries 

Only available in Europe—you can now enjoy the taste of succulent strawberries dipped in the finest chocolate everywhere and anywhere. Foodgod 0 nicotine e-cigarettes capture this decadent flavor in 0 nicotine disposable vapes. Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a must-try Foodgod flavor. Satisfy the sweet tooth with something your tastebuds will truly appreciate.

Coffee Affogato 

Smoking and coffee go hand in hand, so imagine the experience enhanced even further by delicious, savory gourmet ice cream. It takes the genius of Foodgod to blend these decadent favorites into an amazing vape-able delight with 0 nicotine. This is a total party for the taste buds, a combination of the finest treats: coffee, ice cream, and vapor. Enjoy with your morning cup of joe or any time! 

Pink Pineapples

Imagine a remote island with clear oceans, warm weather, and pink pineapples! Pink pineapples have been cultivated in South America for many centuries. That being said, very few people have had the chance to experience these special fruits for themselves. They are way juicier, sweeter, and less sour than traditional yellow pineapples. The succulent pink fruit can take as long as two years to grow! Fortunately, you don’t have to wait that long to experience this special sweet and sour flavor. Foodgod captured the rare and vibrant pink pineapple taste in a 0 nicotine disposable vape pod.

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September 19th, 2022

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