alternativejuice by marina vape

More than just a one off purchase, Marina Vape hopes to establish long lasting connections.

At Marina Vape, we pride ourselves on several key aspects of our business. The cornerstones of our operation are; producing the highest quality e-liquid available on the market, keeping our prices at the most competitive level possible, guaranteed punctuality from shipping, to invoicing, to product development, and finally, creating long-lasting honest, and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our vendors.

Marina Vape currently own, manufactures, and distributes over 20 premium e-liquid lines with a combine total of over 50 flavors. Part of the success of Marina Vape can be attributed to the vast market share our products hold. Each one of our products is individually branded as a separate company. When producing new lines, Marina Vape uses several world-renowned marketing and branding firms for logo and packaging design.

When producing new products, we utilize our extensive knowledge of the industry. Backed by the data we acquire from our sales, we are able to set trends and forecast what the next hot sellers will be. A great example of this is our Donuts E-Juice. We performed extensive market research while developing this line. We looked at which products were selling the best, and which flavors had the most potential. We were then able to forecast what the customers wanted. \ There are now over 10 donut flavors on the market to day and it only keeps growing. We continue to apply this same mentality when producing new products. We don’t jump on the next hottest trend; we set the next hottest trends.

We strive to continue producing e-liquid products that are in a class of their own. As seen in the success of many of our products from Alpha Vape, Dohnuts E-Juice, Treats E-Juice, Nick’s Blissful Brews, OGNL Boba (previously Jazzy Boba), Crème De La Crème, to mention a few, the market demands the premium quality e-liquid that Marina Vape delivers. Our industry leading manufacturing process includes a fully operating clean room utilizing over $1M in industrial equipment and tools.

More than just a one off purchase, we hope to establish long lasting connections centered around open communication and reciprocal benefits. Key to this development is our attention to detail in the execution of our orders.

Marshmallow Man E-liquid 60ml by Marina Vape