Okami Brand E Liquid Inc.


ŌKVMI (Pronounced: ōkami.) ōkami literally “great god” ,“great spirit” or more notably “wolf” if written as in Japanese

ŌKVMI BRAND was founded in 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada, USA as lifestyle brand & also a boutique graphic design agency.

Bringing forward our branded solutions through great design & detailed production on all mediums & platforms with the intent of lifting the bar even higher with every opportunity.

ROCKT PUNCH is the E-Juice Company that is found its inspiration from huge flavor and loud life like art. Think of giant robot films & old animation from the 70’s. When it comes to which brand speaks the loudest look no further than ROCKT PUNCH whose sole purpose in the industry is to show that size does matter.

Champion a creative instinct. Nourish a furious appetite for innovating design & keeping vigilant in strengthening our global brand integrity.

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