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Single-Serving Friends

Single-Serving Friends

Odds are you will never see this person again. You can make single serving friends while in line, on public transportation, at the movies, at amusement parks etc. In the last few months the industry has seen the rise and return of disposable ecigs. While these are by far the most interesting single-serving friends I have ever met.

Disposable ecigs are quickly becoming a popular choice for new ex smokers and experienced vapers alike. It’s hardly surprising considering the convenience and the smooth satisfying drags with many flavors. These disposable vapes have gone through an evolution recently, and it comes down to the eliquid being used. The old disposables would have high nic eliquid, harsh throat hits, and were typically made cheaply. This new wave of disposables have been becoming popular again due to the advancements in vaping technology. Whether you’re a newbie who’s looking for a product with no maintenance, or a vaper who needs a discrete backup, disposable ecigs are a good choice providing easy to breathe salt nic, longer battery lives than previous generations, and an overall more sturdy product.

Pound for pound or ml for ml with salt nic it’s hard to beat a pod system price wise, but with these disposables it’s all about the convenience. No refilling or charging just down to business right out of the box. Many of the most popular disposables are sold in 2 or 3 packs in the 6% nic range, but if you’re looking only to spend a handful of dollars some are sold in singles. Splitting a 2 or 3 pack with a friend is always an option, but you’ll have to find one of the huge variety of flavors to agree on!

All vapers alike will find a common advantage with these disposables – airplane travel. Gone is the trivial worry of converting milliliters into ounces to comply with TSA guidelines. A pack of 3 disposables should carry most vapers through a weekend trip, and with no external batteries most safety worries are eliminated. It should go without saying to make sure you properly package your disposables for travel the same you would with any ecig.

You won’t be vaping in the air, so having them securely tucked away from loose change, batteries, and any other fire hazards are still important safety requirements. It is always important to follow fire safety rules no matter if you’re 20,000 ft in the air or driving to work!

No matter what brand you try every disposable is powered by a Lithium Ion Battery. Big or small, rechargeable or not Lithium Ion batteries are found in almost every single portable electronic device on the market. These batteries once depleted must be disposed of appropriately by recycling. Battery recycling is not a complicated process, and takes a couple simple steps. Refer to to find a place to recycle batteries nearest to your zip code.

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