The ABC’s of Steeping

The ABC's of Steeping
The ABC's of Steeping


If you’re new to vaping, the methods available may seem overwhelming. However, vaping is such a vast arena, that having so many options is a great thing. You can find what uniquely works for you. However, there are a few key things to remember when setting up your vape. Besides getting a liquid you enjoy, you want to extract the most out of your eliquid. This involves  first taking care of your liquid in such a way that provides maximum taste and quality. The first thing is to keep your ejuice in a dark, dry cool place. Providing adequate storage will not only maximize the flavor, but it will also extend the shelf life. E-liquids don’t last forever, but the more precautions you take, the better and longer your ejuice will remain viable.


The second most important step according to many vapers is the process of steeping. Steeping is a process that “settles,” the ejuice so that the flavors in the juice meld to give you the best taste. Many new vapers may wonder what makes this process so important. Steeping allows the flavors to deepen, getting out the most complex, poignant and nuanced tastes so that your vaping can be the most pleasurable. With especially potent ejuices, steeping serves to balance out the flavor for a smoother taste. Lots of vapers achieve this in a variety of ways. We’ll list some of the most popular below.

The ABC's of Steeping

Simple Steeping

This method is the simplest. It involves keeping your ejuice in the cool, dry and dark place to sit for either a few days, few weeks or even a few months. The juice should be unwrapped and should be shaken a few times per day for the duration of its steeping. Most vapers recommend opening the bottles occasionally to let the ejuices “breathe.” Don’t let your juice stay open for too long; it will destroy the taste and make the juices evaporate.

The Bathing Method

This method includes placing your new eliquid in warm water. Take off the top and let it sit halfway until the water cools. Remove the eliquid and replace the cap. Shake the bottle to remove excess oxygen and to meld the flavors. Let the bottle sit for a few days.

The ABC's of Steeping
The ABC's of Steeping

The Hot Car Method:

Place your eliquid in a hot car, van, or warm area in a plastic ziploc bag (completely wrapped with cap attached) in a dark place such as a shoebox or glove box compartment. Let the eliquid sit for at least three or four days. Remove the eliquid from the bag, uncap your ejuice, let it breathe for about two hours, recap it and shake well.

The Microwave Method:

Place your eliquid into your microwave. Put the settings on high and zap for 10-20 seconds. Once it has cycled take it out, uncap it, and let it breathe. Recap it and shake well. Repeat this process a few more times. *USE EXTREME CAUTION*

The ABC's of Steeping
The ABC's of Steeping

The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Method:

If you are steeping more than one bottle, tie or wrap the bottles together to keep them from falling over. Place the ejuice into the machine in warm water. Place the heating option on and set a timer for 30 minutes. After this time, uncap the liquid, let it breathe and recap. Place it back into the machine a few more times until the eliquid is ready.

Try any of these methods or create your own! There is no set way to get the most out of your ejuice and ultimately this all comes down to personal preference. There are some vapers who enjoy vaping an eliquid fresh out of the bottle! Find what works for you and enjoy!

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