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Vapetasia Interview EJuice Magazine Feature

Vapetasia Interview EJuice Magazine Feature

EJuice Magazine Feature "Vapetasia Interview"

EJM: Introduce yourself…

CHRIS: Hi, I’m Chris Finch. Custodial Engineer at Vapetasia.

EJM: Tell us about how you got into the vape industry?

CHRIS: Like most of us it all began with an alternative to smoking. I was hooked immediately but I couldn’t really find very many options at the time, which was awful. From that point I was simply hooked on mixing e-liquids and stayed up all night every night just mixing and figuring everything out.

EJM: What attracted you to E-liquid manufacturing?

CHRIS: It really happened very organically. With my obsession mixing and pure excitement that I found something so effective as an alternative to smoking I gave away bottles of juice to every person I could find. I was helping people quit and really challenging myself at something I became very passionate about.

EJM: What inspires you in the creation of new flavors?

CHRIS: My inspiration really didn’t come from anywhere other than taste. I have vaped every flavoring out there at various levels and really focused on building off what tasted the best to me not really focusing on what I felt others would like. I think that’s what really made my flavors different.

EJM: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in e-liquid manufacturing?

CHRIS: Honestly I learn so much everyday and that’s what really keeps me going. I would say the most important lesson I have learned is how simple it can be to really be in your own way.

EJM: Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you?

CHRIS: Houston 100%. We were absolutely exhausted traveling from show to show and while at a show in California we heard the news about the hurricane in Texas. So many times in my life have I wanted to help people but didn’t know how or couldn’t afford to just take off. When we had arrived back in Vegas from the show both myself and Manny Hilkey just looked at each other and decided we needed to help. Within 3 hours we had our van full of supplies, plane tickets and a boat ready to take off. We called several friends in the industry and invited any of our staff to go help at our expense as we knew others felt the same way as we did; someone just needed to organize it. The aftermath was simply devastating but it was hands down the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on.

EJM: Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

CHRIS: Just this past weekend I was awarded with 3 awards from Zamplebox which is a record for them.We won best tobacco for Royalty II, best custard for Killer Kustard and best overall vape for Killer Kustard Strawberry. I’ve been wanting to put my products on this platform for years now, because I felt it was so honest

as my products are being voted on by the consumers and they have to physically have the product to vote. As a juice maker it’s always the consumer first and I love reading the product reviews on various websites for feedback and even the awesome responses on our social media. I believe it was 12,000 consumers who voted and it was just an amazing feeling to see after 6 years of pouring my heart into this, the products I created are so widely enjoyed by people everywhere.

EJM: What upcoming releases, or projects are you working on?

CHRIS: We actually have quite a few things that we have released but never mass produced. I see Vapetasia around for many many years to come and I’m in no rush to really release too many things. Killer Kustard Lemon has been a major hit in a 60ml size and people are flooding in begging for the 100mls so that’s our next big release. Just want to make sure that everything we release is the quality that everyone has come to know us for.

EJM: What do you see on the horizon for Vapetasia?

CHRIS: Really I feel like we are still so young in this. I see just more traveling, shows etc. Just continuing to work hard and expose more people to our brand.

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