VGOD Tricklyfe

“VGOD® does not only embody the vape lifestyle and produce entertaining and engaging content, but we also design and produce some of the best Vape Products offered on the market from Premium E-Juices to Vape Devices.”

See first hand how the VGOD squad embraces the TrickLyfe.

Join the VGOD ambassadors of goodwill, hijinks and hilarity on a trick-trip. Watch the crew Vlogging and covering VGOD Events around the globe hopping to different countries like Canada, UK, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and more. For the latest in Tricklyfe, check out our Sessions Segment to see some of the most amazing tricksters performing incredible vape tricks. Catch our products Unboxing and Features Segments of VGOD’s e-liquids, and e-cigarettes along with sneak peeks of what is next in the VGOD arsenal of vape products.

VGOD is soon announcing the release of our NEW Elite Mech Mod! We know the Pro Mech is loved by many vapers, and is known for it’s spectacular performance. We are going to be talking about it and sharing some things to look forward to!

For a vaper who is looking for an elegant mechanical device that is known to perform well, and look good while doing so, the Elite Mech Mod is the perfect choice. Aside from its beautiful chassis design, the performance level has to live up to its name! The Elite Mech Mod will do just that. One of the key features the Elite Mech Mod gives is the floating battery adjustment. No need to worry about battery rattle, the first step to immaculate performance is making sure the battery is properly secure and has no movement. This will be a perfect addition to your mech mod collection!

vgod trick lyfe