Wolf Paq Eliquid


"That is why we believe  -we only live forever- (W.O.L.F.)"

A few close friends of mine started Juice companies and were gaining a ton of traction locally. These where the people that inspired me to start loving the vape game in its entirety. A great friend of mine Kenny Rowan had a big heart literally. He would hang out with our “Wolfpaq” He was big into dripping and building coils and cloud comps he was awesome and most people really loved him. He really convinced me that vaping could and would change my life if I only gave it a real chance. I started dripping and getting to know even more people in the local vape scene. I decided to then finally start a E Juice company. We started Wolfpaq e-liquid in a room in my home July of 2014 with a little less than $1,500 and just the knowledge that our friends in the juice game gave to us and started off with our TURNUP line. It was four flavors and we immediately set out to get into shops. We learned about the vape industry the hard way by trial and error. Sadly, on February 16th, 2015 our good friend Kenny died from heart complications. We went to our very first convention with pictures of him on our backs while trying to get anyone to taste our liquid. Our Wolfpaq exclusive Banana Hammock was specially designed in memory of our great friend Kenny it was all his idea. We continued to grow and eventually Kenny’s mother Kathy became our partner. She provided us with the means to rebrand and travel the country doing different vape shows everywhere. She has been such a vital part of our organization and we love that she is a part of our Wolfpaq Family. Since our inception we have been based on killing our addictions especially to analog cigarettes. We believe that what we leave behind us is what cements us into the world forever and that is why we believe “we only live forever” (W.O.L.F.) We participate in advocacy and we help one smoker at a time.

We have finally built our own lab and bottling facilities and now have four lines with thirteen delicious flavors. Our Turnup Line consists of six flavors. Beastmode, has been our best seller since we began. It used to be called TURNUP PUNCH and it sold like beast mode so it was only fitting that we gave it that name. It is a delicious watermelon cherry punch. Primetime, a strawberry gummy flavor; Zenith, A pineapple blueberry candy; Tea-Time, a peach iced tea; Ade-kit, a fresh squeezed lemonade; and Tropical, a mango papaya blend. Our Adults Only! Line is a play on no marketing to children and consists of three mouth-watering flavors. Gorilla Mustard, based on luscious flan, a caramel vanilla custard; Juicy Rebel, your favorite pebble cereal; and Dare E Berry, Strawberry milk. Wolfpaq Exclusive’s Banana Hammock was the brain child of our late friend Kenny rowan and it is a delectable Banana Praline flavor that hooks you on your first try. Finally, we have THE WIZ it is also a three-flavor lineup with THE MIND, made to confuse the mind it is an everlasting gobstopper candy flavor that tastes different at different temperatures and inhale/exhale; THE BODY, is a tasty rainbow sherbet and cream flavor; and THE SOUL is a scrumptious sugar cookie